How it works 1
The MiT BiTe is advanced in to the left atrium
How it works 2
The device is positioned at the level of the mitral anullus (echo guided process) while mitral leaflets are beating
How it works 3
Suction is applied (white arrows) in synchrony with the ECG
How it works 4
Both mitral leaflets are attracted at the level of the two grasping holes where suction is applied
How it works 5
The 'bites' are activated and leaflets attracted
How it works 6
Once the leaflets are grasped, the residual mitral/tricuspid regurgitation and the position of the clip (tip of the cannula) is checked. If satisfactory, then the clips is finally deployed and disconnected from the body. Otherwise further repositioning is sought.
How it works 7
Suction is reapplied
How it works 8
If satisfactory, the bite is activated
How it works 9
The clip is released

Specific features

  • Two sensors: green when both occluded (two lights); red with no leaflets engagement.
  • ECG synchronized. Suction is activated during systole at the moment of the closure of the leaflets.
  • Blood filter: reduces the suctioning of the cannula. The aspiration of the blood is also reduced by the body collapse while is under pressure
  • High negative pressure/vacuum system.
  • Body cannula is also connected to a roller pump/and resevoir. Blood may be then processed and returned to the patients


Smart stylet to the joystick.